Friday, January 15, 2010

Modern chick in the kitchen

Modern chick in the kitchen
This very modern chick was going to be on the cover of a cookbook,
but got axed at the last moment.
I might use it one day for a book I dream of making with my grandma's recipes.
Modern chick sketches
Preliminary sketches.

43 Lovely Comments:

Anonymous Qui said...

haha...great Geninne! I love it. Your watercolours are soooo vivid. *swoon*

1/15/2010 12:43 PM  
Blogger Kigwit said...

I love it almost as much as the sewing bird!

1/15/2010 12:45 PM  
Blogger Heather T. said...

*lol* This is adorable--can't believe they axed it!

1/15/2010 12:45 PM  
Blogger Kaylovesvintage said...


1/15/2010 1:42 PM  
Blogger Louby Lou said...

Those are so wonderful!!!

1/15/2010 1:48 PM  
Anonymous Liz said...

Funny, cute, bright, just beautiful.
Your drawings are the best.

1/15/2010 2:03 PM  
Blogger Inner Toddler said...

that birdie is sending a rude text to the publisher who axed this wonderful illustration.

1/15/2010 2:52 PM  
Anonymous Danielle said...

Bummer! Maybe she'll end up in an even better place :)

1/15/2010 3:09 PM  
Blogger Dolores said...

What a colourful cook.

1/15/2010 3:22 PM  
Blogger nicole said...

i love that chick!!

1/15/2010 4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hola, Geninne:

¡Qué gracioso, un pájaro con teléfono móvil y delantal! Además, me encanta el tono alegre de tus acuarelas y que haya tantos libros.

¡Gracias por compartir tu talento!

Que pases un buen fin de semana.

en Santander, España.

1/15/2010 4:06 PM  
Blogger Katalin said...

i love adorable and colourful!
...would go nice on a cover of a children cookbook too...but your own cookbook with your beautiful illustrations.. even better idea! ;)

1/15/2010 4:12 PM  
Blogger Eden said...

I love the iphone in her hand! Wonderful!

1/15/2010 4:41 PM  
Blogger june at noon said...

Ha! The iPhone is the perfect touch. :)

1/15/2010 6:44 PM  
Blogger Goomie said...

It's cute and clever!

1/15/2010 6:51 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Fabulous! I wonder which app she's using on her iPhone.

1/15/2010 8:27 PM  
Blogger LISA said...

I think this is my all time favorite drawing/painting.
This would look wonderful in the corner of a 4X6 recipe card, yes?

1/15/2010 8:42 PM  
Blogger Beth Stone said...

Those silly people! I would definitely put this on the cover of my cookbook if I had one! Love it!

1/15/2010 10:17 PM  
Blogger Heleen said...

I would want her on my book! she is cute!

1/15/2010 10:55 PM  
Blogger Jardino said...

You are so talented! Lovely images;)

1/16/2010 2:05 AM  
Blogger FeeMail said...

This is unique :-)!

1/16/2010 4:28 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

This one really knocked my socks off!! Good idea, changing the cupboard door to a bookshelf instead...makes me feel like perusing all those interesting looking titles. Love your brilliant colors.

1/16/2010 5:15 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

This is awesome! I hope you are settling well at your new home

1/16/2010 6:22 AM  
Blogger Carlene said...

She's hilarious! I would buy your cookbook, so get crackin' girl...

1/16/2010 6:58 AM  
Blogger JooJoo said...

How wonderful! If it was a cover of a book I would have bought it immediately!

I also love your sketches!

1/16/2010 8:16 AM  
Blogger TeresaR said...

It would also make an most excellent poster in my it!

1/16/2010 8:40 AM  
Blogger TeresaR said...

That was a hint for you to make and sell prints of it. =)

1/16/2010 8:41 AM  
Anonymous dottydesigns said...

awww this is soooo cute i love it xx

1/16/2010 9:40 AM  
Blogger Ale said...

Me encanta ésta mamá emplumada que sabe hacer de todo!!

1/16/2010 4:49 PM  
Blogger Zulka said...

So funny!

1/17/2010 9:48 AM  
Blogger Manuela said...

The chick is lovely, Geninne, but I prefer it without the Iphone. I am very happy for your beautiful drawings.

1/17/2010 10:59 AM  
Anonymous Carmen said...

És preciòs. M'agrada molt la teva obra. I el teu blog.

1/17/2010 12:17 PM  
Blogger Lindsey said...

So stinking cute! So how does that happen, do the publishers choose someone else or do they ask you to edit and adjust?

1/17/2010 7:46 PM  
Blogger Martha Bright said...

Well, all I can say is their loss! Everyone loves your art. Look at all the fans you have!!

1/18/2010 9:17 AM  
Blogger Mrs. M said...

oh, I love it! bummer, cause it would have been an awesome cookbook cover. x

1/18/2010 10:35 AM  
Blogger Jan said...

cute chick! I'll bet you could just go nuts with ideas for illustrations for her....they would be cute as art to hang in a kitchen also.

1/18/2010 11:28 AM  
Blogger Victoria Stitch said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Shame it got axed :(

1/19/2010 3:05 AM  
Blogger Shayne said...

being a person who very much enjoys cooking (thus the food blog) I really like this one. Are you going ot offer this one in prints at your shop?

1/19/2010 5:17 PM  
Anonymous moline/yvonne said...

Geninne, I love these kitchen creatures. Would you sell a print of the sketches to me. I would love to have them both for my kitchen, just in black and white. You are so talented and to your eye for detail comes so much humour!

1/22/2010 12:16 PM  
Blogger Mousy Brown said...

How wonderful - I love modern chick -I love the sound of a collection of your Grandmothers recipes too! :)

1/24/2010 4:17 AM  
OpenID Michael said...

oh wow I really love your work and your blog! I love the banner for your blog too, i wish my blog banner was that beautiful! Check out my baking blog and tell me what you think:


1/24/2010 8:32 AM  
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