Sunday, September 23, 2012

Painted Leaves

Eucalyptus leaves
Painted Leaves
Painted eucalyptus leaf
These past few weeks I've been drawing like crazy for a project I can't talk about yet but today I took a little break to paint some pretty eucalyptus leaves I found during my walk with Manolo & Turbo. I used a size 0 liner brush and acrylic ink.

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Blogger paula said...

How delicate and fragile AND beautiful!

I hope you can tell us about your new project soon.

9/23/2012 4:21 PM  
Anonymous Natalie / Half Asleep Studio said...

SO creative as usual!

9/23/2012 4:27 PM  
Blogger jennycute said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

9/23/2012 4:59 PM  
Anonymous Expand your creativity said...

I love how these turned out - very frail. You always are using a wonderful variety of surfaces in your work!

9/23/2012 6:10 PM  
Blogger . said...

I like the leaves, very delicate looking and such a interesting surface to paint on... Beautiful!!

9/23/2012 6:11 PM  
Blogger moonsword said...

Beautifully creative...remind me of Aboriginal bark paintings. Cheers!

9/23/2012 8:10 PM  
Blogger ariadne said...

Lovely!They look so beautiful!Hey I have that print of the bird!And what are those little round pendants under the frame?AriadnefromGreece!

9/23/2012 10:47 PM  
Blogger tinajo said...

Looks very beautiful! :-)

9/23/2012 11:34 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

oh I love them! what a wonderful idea! :-)

9/23/2012 11:48 PM  
Blogger Jacqueline Bier said...

How beautiful! They fit perfect in the autumn feeling I am in. It's a gorgeous way to show the beauty of nature and make art out of it. My favorite is the one with flowers and butterfly. I wish I had the skil to create such wonderful art <3

9/24/2012 12:28 AM  
Blogger Delphine said...

beautiful art as always <3

9/24/2012 1:41 AM  
Blogger Julie Clay Illustration said...

Lovely work Gennine, I thought at first when i saw the little image, that they were ties, the sort that men wear? They would make great ties! :)

9/24/2012 2:22 AM  
Blogger Helmi said...


9/24/2012 2:39 AM  
Blogger Jo Murray said...

Those leaves are absolutely gorgeous!!!

9/24/2012 2:54 AM  
Blogger Margie Oomen said...

only you can paint anything and make it look even more lovely than nature intended

9/24/2012 3:30 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

really nice! Lovely leaves I like there shape.

9/24/2012 5:56 AM  
Anonymous paola said...

beautiful, as usual

9/24/2012 7:11 AM  
Anonymous passifleur said...

just marvelous idea to paint in leaves. great encouragement for your new project!

9/24/2012 8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so original. It is beautiful.
I thought the eucalyptus leaves was circle and not that big.
Thanks for show us.
Francine from Montreal

9/24/2012 8:31 AM  
Blogger agnes szucs said...

wow! so lovely! and such a great idea!


9/24/2012 10:14 AM  
Blogger Robbie said...

The leaves are perfect!!! Just beautiful!! Do you seal them with anything? don't they turn hard or not? Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. I'm waiting for my book to be delivered this week!!! Can't wait to sit and look at your beautiful art in my hands!!!

9/24/2012 10:38 AM  
Blogger erastos said...

Really nice!!

9/24/2012 11:46 AM  
Blogger karina nielsen rios, copenhagen, denmark said...

So in love with the eucalyptus leaves. I wish I could buy them! Pretty!

9/24/2012 12:43 PM  
Blogger suz said...

I saw these on Facebook and didn't realize they were real leaves! Oh my - just beautiful.

9/24/2012 1:06 PM  
Blogger COCINA DE COLOR LILA said...

Que preciosidad!!!

9/24/2012 1:13 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

I love that!!! Just like feathers. Your creativity and appreciation of beauty always inspires. I think of you every time I admire the end of a vegetable I've just chopped - like the end of a bunch of celery which looks like a gorgeous flower, the white base of a head of romaine. Now leaves will take on new possibilities too. :) Thanks!

9/24/2012 7:33 PM  
Blogger Robbie said...

I just received your book yesterday and I've read the ENTIRE book!!! Now off to craft store to purchase some rubber erasers and stamp blocks!! The book is amazing...just like its author!!! I'm posting about it next and I already did a review on Amazon!! GREAT BOOK!!!

9/25/2012 10:59 AM  
Blogger Shauna said...

These leaves are simply gorgeous! Everything you touch is magically transformed into something beautiful. I LOVE reading all of your blog posts. They are so inspirational and always get me excited to create!

9/26/2012 12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i **adore** the nest and the leaves!!!


9/26/2012 4:36 AM  
Blogger Brooke Boynton Hughes said...

Soooo beautiful!

9/26/2012 2:37 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

You never cease to amaze me with your ingenuity and creativity. You can make anything look beautiful with your painting.

9/27/2012 10:44 AM  
Blogger SewLindaAnn said...

Oohh! I hope it's another book! I love your artwork so much, it inspires me constantly!

9/28/2012 4:47 AM  
Anonymous jess said...

hi again, love the leaves idea:)

10/01/2012 12:02 AM  
Blogger Shahrul Niza said...

OMG, the painted leaves are so gorgeous!!. I feel happiness just looking at your art!!. Hugs

10/02/2012 7:06 AM  
Blogger willowday said...

I've never thought of doing this and am mad about leaves! These are just so beautiful! Are those eucalyptus? So clever and beautifully rendered!

10/03/2012 1:09 AM  
Blogger Anuszka said...


10/03/2012 5:56 AM  
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Blogger Liść / Leaf said...

Just great work. I like the idea nad the photos.

2/28/2013 3:18 PM  
Blogger Gexton said...

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3/19/2013 3:01 AM  

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